Energizer Vision HD+ 100 Lumen LED Headlamp, Includes Batteries

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  • Vision LED 80Lumen Headlamp

Light your way out of the dark with the ultra-comfortable, hands-free Energizer Vision LED Headlamp. Its pivoting head, up to 35-meter beam, and impact-resistant construction (for drops up to 1 meter high) make it an ideal choice for camping enthusiasts, early-morning dog walkers, and late-night hikers. Its pivotable head design lets you direct your light from high (great for biking, hiking, or hunting) to low (perfect for reading or using as a work light). The comfort of its stretchable, washable band makes it easy for you to adjust its size from small to large. Give a round of applause for this hands-free, lightweight Energizer Vison LED Headlight.

Energizer Vision HD+ 100 Lumen LED Headlamp, Includes Batteries

  • Lightweight and comfortable Energizer Vision LED Headlamp works with 3 Energizer MAX AAA batteries (batteries included)
  • Powerful light beam reaches up to 35 meters and toggles between high or low light modes and run time with a switch
  • Puts out up to 100 lumens with its powerful white LED headlamp technology
  • Comfortable, washable band with pivoting headlight directs the light beam where you need it
  • This durable headlamp resists damage from drops up to 1 meter high, for worry-free use, whether you’re hiking, biking, or climbing
  • Runs for up to 10 hours on high mode