Hot Yoga Towel Best Yoga Towel for sweaty hands Sweat Towel Sports Workout Fitness – Labyrinth

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The ultimate hot yoga mat towel, mat-sized, lightweight, insanely absorbent, non-slip, microfiber yoga towel that dries in minutes. From the award winning Yoga Design Lab, these yoga towels are super absorbent, especially during workouts when you have  sweaty hands. Also can be used as a beautiful sports, swimming, workout or plain fitness towel.  This is a wonderful, mat-sized lightweight sweat towel that is great for pilates .  One of the best sweat towels on the market, it will not disappoint.  Color/design:  Labyrinth

Eco-Friendly! Made from 100% recycled plastic bottles microfiber and printed with water based inks.

Great for both regular and hot yoga.

  • Designed to be lightweight, insanely absorbent and non-slip
  • Great for both regular and hot yoga
  • Top-quality, plush, microfiber with extra-strength whipstitching for maximum lifespan
  • Quickly dries in minutes
  • Non-fade, eco-friendly, water based print
  • 72in x 24in
  • 0.7lb
  • Made extra-long to cover your mat completely
  • Perfect amount of cushion, stability and responsiveness to reduce injuries and instantly improve your practice
  • Extends the life of your mat
  • Machine washable and dryer safe