Alliance Workout Bands for Resistance Exercises, Light/Medium/Heavy Resistance 3-Pack

$21.59 $17.99

  • Even help restore muscle and joint mobility
  • Improve strength, range of motion and flexibility
  • gym bands with light, medium and heavy resistance

Alliance Rubber Workout Bands are compact and portable exercise bands with varying levels of resistance to allow you to create a custom workout plan and execute it on the go. They're perfect for busy people who like to fit in their workouts when they have free time, or prefer to have their own equipment at the gym. Workout Bands are compact and portable making them a convenient accessory to travel with or to have at home to help improve your strength, flexibility and tone. Resistance bands require no extra tools or equipment and use the resistance from high quality rubber bands and your own body weight. They allow you to create a custom workout or rehabilitation program suitable to your fitness level and allow you to isolate muscle groups as needed. Use them as yoga bands to increase flexibility or as physical therapy bands for rehabilitation exercises. These strength training bands are made of non-latex rubber, making them ideal for those with latex sensitivities or for use in latex-free environments.

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  • Simple, portable and compact
  • Customize your workouts
  • Build flexibility and mobility
  • Increase strength and tone
  • Made of non-latex rubber