Gazelle G6 Pop-up Portable Gazebo (6-Sided)

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Tags: tent
  • Portable
  • Screened

The Gazelle G6 six-side gazebo is incredibly easy to set up and offers spacious room fo rup to eight people and a picnic table. With its unique umrella frame, the gazebo pops up and folds down in under a minute. The 6g comes fully assembled and once set up, covers 92 square feet, spans 140 inches from hub-to-hub and stands at 90 inches tall. The roof is UV and water resistant, and the walls are constructed from tight-weave mesh. These features help protect occupants from the elements.
Umbrella Frame System - Nothing sets up or takes down faster! Room for up to 8 people- This g6 gazebo sets up big! And 11' 8" wide, there is plent of room for as many as 8 people, and at 7' 2" taller is there is head room to spare. You can even fit a picnic table inside! Shelter from the sun, insects, and more! - The roof of the Gazelle G6 Portable Gazebo is made from a polyester material resistant to the water and UV rays. Portable and ready to use - you will love how easy it is to transport your Gazelle portable gazebo. Each G6 comes with a cinvenient 73" portable carry bag, and weighs only 34 pounds Heavy duty material sewn over corner joints for reinforcement stakes and tie down ropes included Optional wind panel accessories sold seperatly