Tone Fitness Soft Weighted Ball, 8 lbs

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8 lbs8 lbs
6 lbs6 lbs
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Step up your workout routine by adding the Tone Fitness Soft Weighted Ball to your home equipment. This item offers a fun, easy and effective way to reach your fitness goals with just minutes a day. Each piece features a strong, vinyl exterior shell and is filled with iron and sand. It also comes in different weight options to meet different fitness needs. This weighted medicine ball is designed to improve strength, build balance, enhance hand-eye coordination and add some variation to your usual workout routine. These small weights are an ideal tool for muscle recovery and regular exercise movements. Try adding a soft, weighted blue medicine ball while doing squats, sit-ups or push-ups, and it will help you advance without the worry of dropping a metal plate. Lightweight,it is also easy to store and transport. This item is available in different colors.

Tone Fitness Soft Weighted Balls, Assorted Weights:
Tone Fitness 8-Pound Soft Weighted Ball:
  • Get sleek and strong
  • As versatile as dumbbells
  • Great for moves that require twisting, swinging and throwing
  • Vinyl outer shell filled with iron/sand
  • Available in 6-, 8- and 10-pound variants
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8 lbs, 6 lbs